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The 7 most Instagrammable spots in Montenegro (with photos & map)

February 9, 2019

Let's be honest. 'Gram is cool, in every conceivable manner. Cool people are there, it's a way to show all the weird and quirky sides of everything on this planet, including the planet itself.


There is a saying, the great Romantic poet, Sir George Gordon Byron himself, fell in love as soon as he saw how Montenegrin littoral meets its black mountains. What I'm trying to say  is, Lord Byron would totally heart your photo on Instagram if it was taken in Montenegro.


Let's not forget, you're cool, so you're visiting Montenegro this year and here are the 7 most instagrammable places in Montenegro. One more great thing about this country being so small you can visit them all, easily, in one day.


I imagine your starting point would be in or around the Bay of Kotor, so will start from there with...



1. Our Lady of the Rocks


They say that picture is worth thousand words. But sometimes, however picture is marvelous, story can be even more intriguing. 


It all started in 15th century with two local seaman. Returning from the open sea, they found a Virgin Mary icon on the rocks close to the shore of small town Perast, couple of kilometers away from Kotor. They made a promise to each other, that upon returning from each successful voyage, they would laid a rock at that exact place.


As every feel-good story it eventually spread among all seaman in Perast and over time, the islet emerged from the sea. 


The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even nowadays. Every year on the sunset of July 22, an event called Fašinada takes place, when local residents take their boats and throw rocks into the sea, widening the surface of the island. It's the only artificial island in the Adriatic, still being made, so when you are there, throw a rock.


Nowadays, there is a church with a lot of artwork created for centuries by local and Italian artists.


From there, you move just few kilometers to...



2. Above Kotor city walls



You're coming to Montenegro, so you've heard about Kotor, right? But maybe, you didn't know that Kotor has one of the strangest and beautiful city walls in the world. City is tucked beneath the mountain, but right next to the sea, so at some point walls start to rise all the way up.


If you walk up, as Old Montenegrins did on their long way to old Royal capital Cetinje, you'll have view upon one of the most beautiful views of both Kotor and its bay, that looks like warm Norwegian fjord.


Walk back slowly and then drive 30 minutes to...




3. Sv. Stefan



This is one more unique place of the Mediterranean region that has its place close to the Montenegrin coast. This one was founded because of a need and not pleasure, but its a rest for eyes nonetheless.

Starting from 14th century, this place had two uses for local Montenegrin tribe. If the Turks attacked from the land, they would hide their resources and weak on the island but if the pirates were to attack from the sea, the island would act as a shield.


Centuries passed and with them pirates and Turks, but the island flourished. Meanwhile, local saint guardian Sveti Stefan got his church there and island got it's the name. 


If you are not a gust of Aman Sveti Stefan resort you can't go in but the best views can be seen from the hill above it. The pesky road was built by Orthodox Russian priest, for 10 years, sometimes in the middle of 18th century.


Now, let's go from the coast, deeper into Old Montenegro's mountains and lakes (but it's again a short ride, around 40 minutes).



4. Pavlova Strana



Real surprises of Montenegro are inland. One of them is Skadar Lake, cradle of medieval Montenegrin state.


Along it's shores and on its islands there are remains of long abandoned fortresses and churches, where Montenegrin statehood was forged.


But the most beautiful things there were not created by man. Its the curve Crnojevica river takes as its about to reach Skadar Lake that immerse every soul into daydreaming.


From there, we have around 2 and half hours drive through the central Montenegro to reach ...the northern bliss



5. Black Lake



Mt. Durmitor has a lot glacial lakes, locally nicknamed 'Gorske oči' or 'Eyes of a mountain', but the largest and the most beautiful is the Black Lake. Situated at the foot of the mountain, just on the outskirts of Žabljak town, the highest inhabitable place in the Balkans, it's barely swimmable even in the summer.


But, there is a walking path, 3 km long, that goes all around the lake so you can find a lot of places for a few photos and a lot of relaxation. If that isn't adventurous enough, you can always hike the Durmitor mountain and catch a view from high above.


Very close by, in this, maybe the most beautiful area of Montenegro, there is....



 6. Djurdjevica Tara bridge


Montenegro’s most touristic bridge shouldn’t be missing from a list with the country’s most Instagrammable spots.


After all, it has become one of the country’s most famous attractions due to being located above the Tara river, which canyon is deepest in Europe. At the time it was built, it was one of the highest bridges on the continent.


So, taking a photo and walking through it is undoubtedly a must. Again, for braver and adventurous, you can zip your way close to the bridge.


If that wasn't high enough for you. let's see our next and final place...













7. Prokletije mountain


Located on the border with Albania, in free translation this mountain is named The Cursed Mountain and it has a similar name in Albanian as well. That is telling us something.


This grandiose mountain massif, with its beauty and uniqueness attracts attention of all visitors. Relief is jagged, with numerous peaks, gorges, steep slopes, alps-like river valleys and other natural phenomena.


George Bernard Show infamously said, upon visiting Montenegro: 'Am I in paradise or on the moon?' and he was probably somewhere close to the Prokletije mountain when that thought popped up in his mind.


Where better to end than on the moon.

















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